Saturday, January 12, 2008

PoR: entry 21 (happy new year!)

Ok, with the hustle and bustle of pagan holidays turned corporate, we've neglected some very important questing. We'll quickly share what little we have.

Excellent progress in mapping the entire west side of the castle. Normally a scanned picture of our map would be here, but maybe we'll wait until the whole thing is done. We're really only mapping out the outskirts of the wall, since the inner hedge maze has pretty much already been provided with journal entries.

Once again we're shaken up by Forgotten Realm ethics. This particular character is pretty harmless and if we let him go he gives us information. On the other hand, if we collect the information he gives us and then restore the game and take whatever goodies he has, we can have the best of both worlds. It's pretty cheap, though, doncha think? That's where we are now. We have the info. Now it's a debate about whether we should pretend we're in a good-to-be-alive Jimmy Stewart movie or a standard Tarantino criminal movie.

More coming soon.
Hey! Aren't there still some lizard men somewhere that we forgot about?


joN. said...

i'm tagging myself. i know what to do.

Maker said...

Can you do Ultima 7 next?
Was that the one you and Pete worked on?

joN. said...

i think pete and i worked on ultima 4 mostly. next up is the next forgotten realms piece called 'curse of the azure bonds.'