Monday, December 17, 2007

PoR: entry 20 (have fun stormin' the castle!)

Hmm. Cadorna didn't seemed to concerned about our welfare. Perhaps what the clerk told us immediately next sheds some light on that.
So now it's Lord Urslingen in place of the apparently evil Cadorna. We're out exploring mazes and killing monsters, but it looks like all the really fun stuff is taking place within the walls of the city council. Urslingen wasted no time in setting us off to work, though. Even though we still have one commission left to turn the tide of the lizardmen, Urslingen sent us off to capture the front gate of the big Phlan castle. It's kind of funny how we traversed the length and breadth of the land and the place we have to conclusively storm is the castle in our very home town. We probably should have phoned in all the long-distance stuff. Fortunately, Urslingen considers us to be the "best and bravest" so we are to secure the front gate. Who knows how many other bands of adventurers he's saving that "best and bravest" speech for though.

This guy outside the castle offered us his wheelbarrow. We didn't have a holocaust cloak, but we made it through the front gate anyway. Actually, did the wheelbarrow even do anything? Maybe the guy was betting that we'd just seen The Princess Bride. It came out in '87 too (I think).

Here we go with the crazy religious zealots at a new temple of Bane again. Chlorine and Pilgrim don't go all psycho like this. It just goes to show that there's a difference between living your religion and letting your religion live you (if that even makes sense).

Alright, we gonna complain a bit about the commerce in Phlan. First we need some money-back guarantees up in here! We stole the decorative long swords from the castle courtyard's temple of Bane, brought them back to our favorite shop in Phlan and paid 200 gold to have the shopkeeper tell us they were normal +2 long swords. Figuring Rexbasior didn't need his +1 long sword, he sold it to use the new ones. Mistake, apparently. The swords are cursed. They can't be readied. Every time Rex tries, he gets zapped. The point of the 200 gold identification payment is to find out stuff like that. Now we can't even buy the +1 sword back, Rex is out his favorite weapon and we can't even get or money back from the incomplete identification. Bollocks! Curse of the Azure Bonds better have more friendly customer service for stolen goods!

We secured the front gate. We told the city council. They told us to go ahead and take the rest of the castle. Suck. When do we get to give the orders? At least we got help from the laundresses. Maybe they gave us some fire cloaks. That'd be great, because behind the castle gates are a lot of these fire guys:


newby said...

holocaust cloak! for some reason i could never understand what kind of cloak they were talking about (granted, i never really tried). thanks, jon. a 20-year-old mystery has been solved... in my mind.

Simeon Pilgrim said...

Oh my god I just lost my comment, and it was huge. I feel devoid and empty.

1. copy the character from a previous save game that has the +1 sword to get it back. Find the file that has you player, swap them for some other play in your party (if it's full) run game, transfer item, save, close game, swap player back-out.

Cheating as hell, but then, you getting around a "game bug" of not been able to buy your magic stuff back.

I don't think Curse lets you buy magic stuff back. Shops have a fixed inventory.

2. curse items can be readied, but not removed, therefore the items must be alignment restricted, makes sense them been from Bane (an Evil god)

Kameron said...

Doesn't sound like you've finished the game yet, so I'll try to make my comments spoiler-free as I go back and answer some of your older posts. I'm a huge fan of POR and the SSI Gold Box FR games. Played 'em on my C64 back then and I play them with DOSBox now (I own one of the many "collector's" releases). In fact, I'm working on remakes of them using the NWN1 toolset.