Monday, May 4, 2009

This One Goes Out to Jason L

We all fell into a giant Otyugh pit. It was freaking huge. I can't begin to speak of what we had to do to survive. Mostly it was pretty boring.

Actually, a bigger factor was probably the strange life recently of our user. Have you ever seen Tron? You know how there's like a god/subject relationship between the programs and the users? Well, our "god" has a lot of weird things going on right now. Lots of ridiculous things. Lots of things that may even be more ridiculous than this blog. Ever see that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where that guy from The A-team spends way too much time on the holodeck with his "hollow pursuits?" It's also a little like that.

Jason L, since you helped us get out of our pit, I'm willing to thank you... personally. Check out my hot outfit.

Oh, and P.S. yeah, there is another entry coming. Also on the horizon: actually beating the game. SO on the horizon!