Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Where We've Been

The gang nominated me to make the official announcement that once again, we're not dead.

I think it's because I have no qualms about awkward confrontation. It's one of the liberating things about being evil. Of course one of the burdens of being lawful is that I'm required to follow protocol such as this.

You're probably wondering what we've been up to. Besides forgetting the enchanted DOSBox commands to get us back into the adventure, we've led some very varied lives in the interim.

Rexbasior fell for a tall, lovely enchantress he met on a magic conversation log. They exchanged incredible missives on that log, but when they finally met face-to-face they had nothing at all to talk to each other about. Plus, I think she was hoping for someone far taller.

Derfindor decided to hit an ancient clerical temple whose patrons claimed to hold the secrets of youthful rejuvenation. Since Derf has such an advanced case of Old, he plunked down a few hundred gold to youthify himself by 100 days. The process actually took 103 days, though.

Disposo was sick of not having a physical fighting edge, so he joined a men's club of casual fighters. He didn't seem to learn anything. From what I can tell he just got a lot of manly oil rubdowns.

Silver the Enchantress attempted magical wenching. She crafted all sorts of amorous spells, but still couldn't increase her bust. Apparently it's more important than forbidden pheromones.

Pilgrim got severe beard infection. After shaving, he retired to a beholder cave to grow the beard back properly and have a few extra sets of eyes to make sure it was sculpted right.

I, in the meantime, considered changing religions again, but got too much entertainment out of my fellow adventurers. The need for a new religion, was therefore quenched.

I won't apologize. You may want to know, though, that we are continuing our adventure. Stay patient and stay posted.

Even though I'm evil, I and we must say thanks thanks thanks for the posts urging us on!