Monday, May 4, 2009

This One Goes Out to Jason L

We all fell into a giant Otyugh pit. It was freaking huge. I can't begin to speak of what we had to do to survive. Mostly it was pretty boring.

Actually, a bigger factor was probably the strange life recently of our user. Have you ever seen Tron? You know how there's like a god/subject relationship between the programs and the users? Well, our "god" has a lot of weird things going on right now. Lots of ridiculous things. Lots of things that may even be more ridiculous than this blog. Ever see that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where that guy from The A-team spends way too much time on the holodeck with his "hollow pursuits?" It's also a little like that.

Jason L, since you helped us get out of our pit, I'm willing to thank you... personally. Check out my hot outfit.

Oh, and P.S. yeah, there is another entry coming. Also on the horizon: actually beating the game. SO on the horizon!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CotAB: Entry 17 (the challenge of nothing)

DerfindorSo once again, apologies are in order. Since our last apology, we've again been negligent in or blogging. My excuse is that I'm far far too old to be blogging. The young folks in the party have no such excuse. Their excuse is probably something like "we're too cool to blog" or something to that effect that kids say nowdays to get out of doing work.

We have carried on though. We still have several cursed bonds to get rid of -- although the temptation is obviously there to not bother getting rid of them. They only seem to affect us when we actively pursue whomever put them on us. If we just retire in the country (and we could too -- we have so much gold it's difficult to carry) the bonds wouldn't have any effect at all. BUT, if we seek out who put them on us, we wind up killing them. Makes me wonder what the point of someone putting the bonds on us in the first place when all that comes of that is their own demise.

We had the bright idea of heading off to Hillsfar. The theory was that since a future adventure that we're hoping to take place in is actually called "Hillsfar" then it would be a rollicking wonderland full of adventure and plot direction.

Not so. Turns out there isn't anything of incredible importance there. Perhaps because a future adventure is so likely in Hillsfar, current adventure is right out. And like everywhere else we go it takes a very long amount of time to actually find our bearings and get the map cartographied.

Here is the map of Hillsfar. Now you don't have to go what we went through. One of the rooms looked like either an IT server farm or a metallic morgue. Not sure with my 8-bit eyes.

Map of Hillsfar
pinnacefabulous pirates
We happened upon some pirates. They talked very stereotypically, but they were pretty clean cut and had the most fabulous blue satin tunics. They actually buried a treasure. They also had the nerve to attempt to keelhaul us. Yeah! We're in the middle of the ruins of a city and they actually bothered to spot us and say let's keel haul these guys! So instead of just going up to us and stabbing us, their big plan (I assume since we discovered their treasure) was to 1) incapacitate us without killing us, 2) somehow transport us a few miles to wherever their ship was docked and 3) set sail with the sole purpose of dragging us behind the ship. And all of that plan would have had to take place without us escaping or killing them at any point. They must really love keel hauling. Maybe they do it for fun. Maybe they get enough speed that the person being keel hauled can stand on a plank in the wake. Rexbasior guessed that such an activity would be called wakeplanking.

So we destroyed the pirates as well as some other interesting monsters. What are margoyles? Did they not get approval from the official Gargoyle Naming Society?

So we got the requisite buried treasure. At this point money is worthless, but we still have the compulsion to carry the loot around. How can we just let money go to waste? It's probably illegal.