Thursday, January 17, 2008


This blog has been recently tagged with the instructions to identify seven things about ourselves that nobody else knows. Since there are seven of us, we'll spread the responses out between us.

1. Chlorine:
I'm pretty sure that Rexbasior totally has the hots for me. I'll totally give in if he goes for it. What he doesn't know is that for religious reasons, I'm planning to mace him in the back of the head after we take care of this whole "pool of radiance" thing. I'm not talkin' about the spicy kind of mace. I'm talkin' about the mace that collapses bones. I'm an evil cleric. It's just what we do.

2. Derfindor:
I know I'm a thief, but so far on our quest I haven't stolen one thing. Also, I guess I have some sort of special "from-behind" attack. I have no idea what that is. I think I had the plague that day in stealing school. I'm a level 7 thief. I feel very ashamed about it.

3. Disposo:
I'm hoping that this weekend will be the time I'll finally be able to try out the "anti-gaying" potion I've been working on for the last 20 years.

4. Pilgrim:
I've been carrying around eight "restoration" scrolls for nearly a year now. None of us has any idea what the spell does. I want to use them to start fires, but Silver doesn't want to burn any bridges, so to speak. That's probably the same reason she won't let me make out with her.

5. Silver the Enchantress:
Pilgrim doesn't know this, but his beard totally smells like eggs. I don't want to tell him because 1) it would be really awkward anyway, 2) he'd know that we all know that he has eggs when he doesn't want us to know and 3) he'd know that we all know that not only does he have eggs, but he carries a LIVE CHICKEN with him in the bottom of his pack. How can he possibly think that he's fooling us?

6. Rexbasior:
I forgot which god I'm supposed to be praying to. I know I'm "good," but so far I haven't found any lick of difference between good and evil. I'm pretty sure the clerics have it figured out, but I have no idea and I'm to embarrassed to ask. Also, I think I'm gonna ask Chlorine to go steady after all this is over.

7. Jon:
I really don't know where I'm going to find a copy of Curse of the Azure Bonds after all this is over.


Kameron said...

Man, I knew I forgot something in my previous comments. Restoration restores levels lost by specter (and other undead) attacks.

Google Curse of the Azure Bonds and you'll find plenty of sites to download it from. You can also purchase it (along with the other Goldbox games) as part of the Gamefest Forgotten Realms Classics set. That's how I obtained my current copies.

Simeon Pilgrim said...

Or you be able to find a DOS games torrent that has most of the Gold Box games in it.

No comment on the eggs thing!