Friday, January 18, 2008

PoR: entry 22.5 ("anyong" for the ride)

So instead of just stormin' up the castle stairs to quite possibly win the game, we're circlin' around just a little just to make sure we give ourselves plenty of opportunities to get horribly killed.
This week it was the southwest hedge maze and the southeast outskirts. The particular hedge maze we traversed was the only one we couldn't find in the Adventurer's Journal, so here's the map for the world (not that it isn't found all over the internet):

Not much to say about our excursion. Lots of dumb giants. They keep asking for passwords and stuff. Nothin' gets by them though. Oh, and yeah, we killed Tyranthraxus. He's dead. Somehow the boss of the game was very mysteriously easy to defeat. Even more intriguing is that he and his goons only gave us 1701 experience points.

The Southeast outskirts had a couple of other notable locales.

One was a very interesting pool. Hmm. The Pool of Radiance perhaps? If so, it's just as underwhelming as "Tyranthraxus." Plus, if "radiance" indeed is the word to describe it, we think it ought to display more than its shade of 6666FF. Yeah, it's probably not the pool we're looking for. Maybe after we get out of the castle we'll have to find it in the wilderness somewhere. Anyway, there's some kind of weird sword at the bottom. Something to do with fire. Lately a lot of stuff has had to do with fire.

So right next door to that is that Cadorna guy that tried to set us up that one time. He's all chained up and everything. I suppose everybody in the land was lookin' to capture him -- the good guys, the bad guys, the guys who don't know whether they're good or bad, etc. Somehow I thought he'd have more hair and be more emaciated. The bad guys really must feed their prisoners well. So we think he must be tagging along now. He asked to come along, but he doesn't appear as a member of our party. He gave us some info about getting out of the hedge that we really don't understand.

And who's Chantua again? We really need to start takin' notes. We were all under the impression that there wouldn't be that much homework in this job.


Jake said...

Could be a misspelling of Chauntea, Goddess of Agriculture... though why a conniving weasel like him would call to Chauntea is quite beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Those restoration spells reverse the effects of level drain from the undead.