Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PoR: entry 23 (oh, the humanoidy!)

We're almost done, but wtf? Quicklings? What the hell are these things and how come we haven't seen them before? We're guessing these things are series of Robin Goodfellow clones. Obnoxious and hard to kill, but deeply satisfying when we got a throttling in.

Ok, now back to normalcy.

Minotaurs? Wtf? Why haven't we seen these things before? Are they a series of donkey-headed Nick Bottom clones conjured up by the quickling Puck clones? It's not that we're coming onto quicklings and minotaurs at new points in story. These monsters are hitting us in the wilderness we thought we were used to.

(Perhaps a subconscious explanation for all these A Midsummer Night's Dream references is because, at the time of this entry, it is now 8 degrees Fahrenheit (that's -13 for all the Kiwis reading this). Nothing is more fantastic right now than the middle of summer).

In further deep exploring of the east side of the castle we startled a few scribblers and captured a few notes of our own. We are simply so sick of the research. We fight. That's it. No more paperwork. Here are a couple of stupid doozies:

So Cordana's a bad guy then? Hey, thanks paper! We found that out long ago! Also, the one about Tynranthraxus' big goal? His whole goal is to take over everything south of Moonsea? What's the trouble then? We don't even live in what he wants to conquer! Let him have the south! Must be a lot of oil there or something.

Here's something that might be useful if we could read Elvish:

Finished mapping out the entire outskirts of the castle. Here it is, although it's not really too mazey:

So we did some massive cheating and sorta glanced on the GameBanshee wilderness map and sorta noticed where the lost castle of the lizardmen is. We're not sure how we could have possibly found out that info. We even went so far as to sweeping the whole wilderness, but we still somehow kept missing it.

Inside we found an old lizard guy who was simply having trouble holding onto his incumbent seat. His followers were starting to get caught up in this new, hip go-getter lizard named Drythh who promised new hope for lizardkind if elected. Simply put, old lizard guy needed a new campaign team. So we stepped in and did what we do best. We killed Drythh. Problem solved. Call it a diplomatic mission. Now civilization can simply eradicate the lizardman population rather than let them flourish with the help of Tyranthraxus. Problem solved.

We could have just left it at that, but for some reason we just had to explore the lizardman catacombs. Even though we did our job in keeping an unpopular incumbent in office, for some reason the lizardmen in the caves still kept attacking us for some reason. There were pools there. Pools. Again. Lately we've been hitting up lots of pools. Perhaps it's foreshadowing.

Besides the pretty pools, there was nothing else we could find down there. We're not too annoyed with it, but it was a total pain to map, which we give to the world here:

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