Monday, August 4, 2008

CotAB: Entry 13 (Yulash miserables)

One thing I think we forgot to mention about the annoyance of not being able to let Disposo die: his very name means expendable. Somehow he's now the least disposable out of all of us. That's irony, right?

We made our way to Yulash and were amazed to find it NOT inhabited by the same two huts with a brown fence and chickens in the road that look like ducks. Rather, we found an interesting city at war with the Zhentil gang. I don't know very much about Zhentil Keep, but I think one of our bonds is a Zhentil bond. Zhentil is beating up on the Yulashers, so it only made sense to approach Yulash in a friendly way.


I can only assume that the girl who literally trod on Rexbasior's heart is the wonderful Princess Nacacia that saved our bacons back in Tilverton. Did she actually get kidnapped again I wonder? Every time she gets kidnapped she seems to have everything under control. Most other kidnap victims aren't actually able to apologize to bystanders. Maybe she had to flee the city in a hurry because she's not in good with them. Perhaps Yulash isn't a good place just because they're enemies to our enemies. Maybe there's something more sinister about her than we realize.

The coolness of the Yulash uniforms sealed the deal. We decided to be friendly with them.

Yeah. It was fun fighting the Zhentil crowd, but they were more difficult than some of the fights we've been doling out lately. Disposo could totally die soon.

After our battle and a few high-fives, we met up with the commander of Yulash. Friendly enough chap. Dresses well. He seemed to know our whole life story.

I'll be honest, when he said there was a swanmay with us, I just smiled and nodded. I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT. Later, I did a little research and back perusing of some of our previous adventures and I realized that way back in Entry 5, Amanda Overmyer bestowed such a title on one of us. I think it was Chlorine and I think she still has no idea. Turns out swanmays can turn into swans like lycanthropes can turn into dogs. No idea why the men of Yulash find such favor in this. Maybe it's because only chicks can be swanmays and there's an obvious amount of wet nudity inbetween swan and human.

Anyway, he goes on:
For the most part he was right, but there was at least one group of Red Plumes attacked us. Maybe he was being really literal when he said they wouldn't molest us. I dunno, though. Chlorine's virtue as a swanmay may have been challenged if they beat us in a fight. OMG! That was so funny that I actually implied that Chlorine has any virtue!

Here's the map he gave us. Obviously the Yulash magic copy machine is made by the same people who made the Tilverton magic copy machine. We couldn't read the map very well, but it does imply that Yulash leads to Moander. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the writing on the northeast exit says "To the Pit." The Pit of Moander is undoubtedly our next bond removal.

Here, of course, is our map, which is incomplete at the moment, but is gonna be way better than that pedestrian map they gave us.
Here are a couple of things we heard in the mess hall that the commander graciously gave us access to:

The dragons appearing in the waterfalls of the new age river is pretty interesting, but the gossip that Zhentil Keep terror teams are in the area seemed a little useless. I mean, aren't these guys in the mess hall already fighting the Zhentils every day?

It didn't take us long to find some Zhentils in town. Looks like good old fashioned urban warfare. I anticipate we'll finish cleaning up the city next week before hitting the pit. Tragically, the cities populace is most hurt by the warfare:

Tragic.Aw. This brings tears to my eyes.
Ha! In your face Silver! You know better than to keep your wallet off a chain around these no-good bums!

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