Monday, July 28, 2008

CotAB: Entry 12 (this one's quick ('cuz we died)) wider than a mile -- I'm crossing you in style some day.

Voonlar: romantic name -- same exact city as every single other city west of Moonsea.

On the way in we were stopped by the forboding Zhentil Guard. They let us go because of our "cursed sigils." I think one of us has said this before (maybe it was me), but these cursed bonds may be a good idea to keep. Sure, sometimes they make us lose control of our bodies, but at the same time, the bad guys leave us alone because they think we're one of them.

Actually are the Zhentil guys bad? I keep losing track. I swear I'll keep up with the politics on the next campaign.

Hmm. We couldn't determine if they were speaking figuratively when they said that "Moander once crawled..." If they were literal, we figured that that would be good, because if we faced him we'd know that he was a cripple. Of course maybe they meant that he had a bunch of centipede legs, then I guess that would also qualify as a crawling action. Brrr. Freaky.

So after hearing about Moander and his swaths, we discovered the "war blasted" section of the city. Apparently Voonlar traveled into the future of artillery.

Voonlar Map!

Here's our first attempt at cartography with our new mapping spell collaboration. Like it? Yeah, the walls are a lot more straight looking. Plus, from what we could find, this is the only Voonlar map on record on record on the magical web!

Voonlar Map
Too bad the war-torn remains of Voonlar are vast, but dull. Look how much emptiness there is with the rooms! Best we can tell, this Moander guy or creature or whatever started some kind of environmentalist cult here. Guess it's hard to find true environmentalists willing to actually BECOME roaming plants. He got a couple. Looks like he cut them into several littler monsters after they converted. I'm just guessing. I can only imagine that they had something less gross in mind when they decided to become environmentalists.

So we dealt with these tree huggers in the form of shambling mounds and vegepygmies. The few cultists we found that were still human, collapsed to form a giant green mound of monster. It's tragic because the cult leader was a pretty hot woman. Check out her picture on the map. The big mound called itself "bit o' Moander." No idea what that means. Does that mean Moander is a collective or does that mean that a small part of him is able to possess a large group of people? Doesn't matter. The living mound is simply a dead mound now.

I guess this slash in the forest is related to the tavern tale we heard. Hmm. what could be at the end of this evil swath?

Hmm. Turns out it's a simple encounter with displacer beasts. Yeah. That's it. Nothing even remotely earthy. Environmentalists are just like rainforests. You just ignore them and they go away.

There's a lot more to talk about, but we're going to cast our "restore game" spell to put us before our little adventure in Yulash. Pilgrim and Disposo were totally killed in the battle. That's a bummer because Disposo is an elf and even though elves are like immortal or some crap like that, they're the only race that can't be raised from the dead.

Okay, correct me if I'm wrong, but if elves are the only race that can't be raised from the dead, doesn't that mean that every race is immortal EXCEPT elves?

Elves, man!

Freaking useless.

Here's our video:

You may notice that the video is even a bit more boring than normal. This is because we're doing the map at the same time rather than touching the map up after the adventure. Sorry. We know the video is nearly unwatchable, but at least it's not edited or censored by the man! Yeah, the man totally doesn't even acknowledge us.

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Simeon Pilgrim said...

The elf raise dead thing, is about the idea, that their spirits are different (thus the long life span), therefore are harder to "bring back".

Just like the level limits on non-humans, it's a crude form of "game-balance"