Tuesday, July 8, 2008

CotAB: Entry 10 (tower records)


I'm so sorry! I know we've slacked off before, but not like this! Please, tell your friends that we're back to the adventure! Well actually, I'm about to talk about stuff we did several weeks ago, so I guess we're not really back in the thick of things. We're just back in the thick of talking about things.

Anyway, we had a couple of questions asked to us from the last post. One query asked us how many bonds we have left. Well, we've gotten rid of two. So however many left from that, I suppose. How many did we start with again? Let me hurry and check Wikipedia... Ah yes. We started with five, so I guess we're down to three.

The other question simply said that this blog is awesome. It's not really a question, but I do agree. I especially like our maps. Speaking of, here's the current map for our latest session:

Notice that I've taken great care in marking the new Tower of Oxam area we covered. The new stuff is in blue. This map is quite important because we ran into several rooms with beholders in them. If you happen to be in The Tower of Oxam, try to steer clear of beholders. They are exceedingly difficult to put down. On the plus side, if you flee in terror before you even engage them in combat, they tend to leave you alone.

We did bump into a few living things we didn't have trouble wiping out of existence. I'm not exactly sure why the beholders invited all these pansy villains. Are they just going to kill them after they take over everything? It's kind of like when Germany invited Italy to that whole world war thing. This Drow Lord, for example was someone we were able to bully around (to death, actually).

He left behind an invitation, but the conference of beholders still wouldn't let us hang out with them. We flashed the card, but they still came after us. Here's a funny candid:

Yeah, that's right. I just posted a picture of me running like the sissy I am. It's okay, though. Look how many floating heads of death there are!

This was all at the base of the tower, but at the top there is an underwhelming view and some ridiculously cramped space. Here's a half-assed map of the action:

On level 7 we did come to this interesting room full of people we killed. It was kind of funny since there wasn't much room to fight. We kept bumping into each other. It was pretty hilarious, but yeah, like I said, then we killed them.

So then we fled. Will we ever conquer the tower? I dunno. I'm thinking it's about time to head somewhere else, don't you think? We might come back later.

Isn't it great that I'm a level 11 now? I got to a point that I'm actually going to try the "friends" spell even though it's a sure bet that it's useless.

Here's our video log of this entry's adventure:

Webcast by Ustream.TV

Well, that's that. Let us know where you want us to head next!

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