Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hey y'all. This may be bad timing considering how inconsiderate we've been with the lack of questing and posts and all that, but we could use your help right now. Someone nominated our magical blog for some Blogger's Choice Awards and even though we have absolutely no chance of winning, we'd still like it if you would vote for us and our humble series of quests. Hopefully this will be a wonderful tool for us to grow the Blogging Forgotten Realms community. The work we do in the East Moonsea/Dalelands region does not need to be so niche! We nearly die (we often really do die, actually) for the work we're doing! Is it so crazy that we'd feel some kind of need to be recognized? Is it?

Anyway, here are some links. Clicketh away!

Vote for Blogging Forgotten Realms!
Best Geek Blog
Best Blog About Stuff
Best Hobby Blog
Best Pop Culture Blog

And we know we don't fit into the "pop culture" category of blogs that much. Plus I don't even know what "Best Blog About Stuff" even means. Fact is, we could be nominated in four categories, so whoever did it (obviously a very intelligent and handsome man) probably just picked the four categories that he felt best fit.

P.S. -- Also notice we put some voting buttons over on the sidebar for now.

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