Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're still here!

Shoot. Is it time to update the blog again? OhcrapohcrapohcrapohcrapOHCRAP!

Okay, there was a serious miscommunication on our part. Don't worry. We're all okay -- no need to come looking for us. About a month ago we were all pumped for the next entry, but we got totally loaded on some wicked mead and passed out for a week or so in the local tavern. Then we just sort of awkwardly sat around for a month or so.

Anyway, to state again -- THE BLOG IS NOT DEAD, so keep reading.

A new entry is coming shortly.


Simeon Pilgrim said...

Where is your party up too? How many bonds do you still have?

Maker said...

I am just glad it's back. I was worried.

David! said...

Wow this blog is cool! make some updates, since i am playing curse of azure bonds too (just starting actually)