Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CotAB: Entry 14 (us: 1, Yulash: 0)

I'm pleased to announce the completion of the map of Yulash. It came with much hard work. There were robed weirdos, green moundy things, bad guys, good guys and beggars that we totally had to mow down with our killer fighting moves in order to map this place once and for all for the good of humanity. It's not like we like mowing people down, but society should have thought of that before they thought the crappy map they gave us was good enough.

I don't like slum life. Everybody hated us there! It's not our fault we eat well and have nicer clothes than they do. I pity them. I pity them for their ignorance, not their extreme poverty. Some of them shared a little bit of information that would have been useful if we weren't anal about mapping every inch of town for ourselves anyway.

Ok, maybe I'm young and I'm not "getting it," but what's up with the "checkpoints?" The looters and the pink plumes went out of their way to explain where the checkpoints were, but once we got there we couldn't rest or anything. The plumes would rouse us and tell us to move along. What? Are the checkpoints just to rub it in our faces that they can take a nap in the city, but we can't?

Speaking of the plumes, not all of them are very nice. At least they'd rather fight us than whatever is in the pit. I'm incredibly brave and everything, but while fighting and killing the plumes that were deserting their duty, I considered something pretty disturbing. These guys actually felt that they had a better chance of beating us in a fight than whatever is in that hole. It's simple mathematics, really. We might be screwed.

Near the entrance to Moander's Pit, some shambling mounds were arguing over some kind of clerical wand. No idea what this is about. I didn't even know clerics used wands. It's called a wand of defoliation. That either means it melts plants or it's good for your face pores. Why do I care? That's why I became a fighter -- a lot less schooling.

So here's the pit.

Demesne: land attached to manor and retained for the owner's own use.

Seeing the pit itself, I'm not so scared anymore. I mean, it's just a hole, right? He could have at least put the pit in the mouth of a giant skull entrance or something. This, this is just weak.

I'm pretty sure we're going to head back into town to sell some of our loot, and uh, rest up a bit first though.

The video this time around has a sneak peak on what we may be up against next time. We sort of unofficially goofed around after we officially finished with this blog post's session. Looks like our next entry ought to be pretty exciting.

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