Saturday, February 2, 2008

PoR/CotAB interlude

Hello. We're in the process of making some changes here at Blogging Forgotten Realms. Some of you may notice that the title bar and description module are changed from first-person singular to first-people plural (if that's the way to say it). Also, notice that the list of contributors consists of the ending player characters from Pool of Radiance. Now, the player characters will be writing the majority of posts. Feel free to treat them as the individuals that they are.

So, we're now on the verge of beginning Curse of the Azure Bonds. I'm super excited since this is specifically the game that I remember my friends playing when I was younger. It took a good while, but thanks to Simeon, I was able to immediately get a working copy. I downloaded a mediocre version of the manual and Adventurer's Journal. It's from It's data-entried instead of scanned so reading some of the maps may be a problem. It took forever but transferring characters from Pool is finally working. Turns out I needed to remove all my characters from all the other Pool savegames in order to allow Azure to accept them.

Here we go.

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