Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CotAB: Entry 2

Hi there! My name is Disposo and I've been assigned this part of our little story. Lots and lots has happened. It actually happened like a week and a bit ago, but this writing thing is new and intimidating to me.

Anyway one great thing about our new adventure is that like half of us (including me) moved up a level right off the bat! I'm now a level-7 magic-user. That's like this close to a black belt. I even got to pick a new spell to learn. I really wish we could try out a few spells before we commit to them. I went ahead and learned the "charm monsters" spell, which I hope will come in handy. What if I accidentally picked "bestow curse"? That would verge on useless, I think.

The chicks in this town sure are ugly. I wonder if the guys will look any better.

The town temple didn't do much in removing our hideous tattoos. He sure seemed cock-sure. I wonder if the priest knows he totally mispronounces "god."

The sage was at least half-useful. She got some sources on some of these markings. Still don't have a motive, though. Honestly, I don't know how all these separate bands could possibly organize themselves enough to get all these working markings on us. If they have that kind of power over time and space they probably wouldn't still be five different groups and they'd also be the complete rulers of time and space.

Okay, so what happened next is kind of understandably blurry. Some hoidy-toidy carriage came through town and we all attacked it for no reason. Hey, can't blame us though! The bonds made us do it! Like I said, whoever's responsible must be in complete command of time and space.

For some reason the thieves came and led us to their hideout. I guess that's why Derfindor is on the employ. He certainly has no other specific job qualifications besides his "thief ID card." Whilst cavorting with the thieves we got into some fights with that weird group called "Fire Hand" i think. Weirdos.

The "Fire Hand" killed our kind benefactor, the guildmaster. Fortunately on his body we found a map of (we think) where they're coming from. Unfortunately it looks like the guildmaster didn't know how to work the settings on the thieves' office copy machine.

Well, hopefully we can read it well enough before we enter the door to the sewers, 'cuz that's where we are right now.

Will report again if we survive the sewers (and after we all shower up).

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