Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Curse of the Azure Bonds: Entry 1 (first impressions)

Hey, it's Chlorine here. I'm that religious chick from all those previous Phlan-related adventure nonsense. Before I get into our adventures in Tilverton, I just have to say really quick what we did before arriving here. Just for fun, we went back to the big castle in Phlan and guess what? Tyranthraxus was still there, just kinda hanging out. What's up with that? We killed him again.

Apparently after slaying the world's most malevolent creature we simply got mugged on the way here. It was dark. I have an excuse. I don't know what excuses Derfindor, Disposo and Pilgrim have. They supposedly have "infravision" -- some kind of weird ability to see in the dark. If you ask me, it's just something those other races made up so they wouldn't feel so bad about not being human.

We had a lot of really awesome stuff! How many months did we lug around all those restoration scrolls that we couldn't cast, because we couldn't level up enough? A lot. The sweet rings alone could've fed us for years.

Now we're here. We all have these freaky moving tattoos on our sword arms. Already this is way more riveting than our last adventure, but I already have a really big protest. These tattoos are on our sword arms? I'm a freaking cleric! That means I don't have a sword arm. I don't believe in sword arms. Why is my sword arm affected when it doesn't even exist? And, yes, I know that in my picture I'm holding a sword, but that was just posing for for the picture!

So this is the first vision we woke up to:

Looks like the women in this part of the land are slightly looser than they are in good 'ol Phlan. I may need to up the ante on my own loose behavior if I want to keep my rep.

The guy next to us in our inn room seems to have a few problems. Perhaps he's already adventured through half of this "azure bonds" mumbo-jumbo already.

After seeing my first man in these parts, I'm suddenly not too worried about being promiscuous enough. No doubt it won't take much to impress this sloppy ilk.

Sooo... do all the guys look like this then? After seeing my second man, I think I'm considering switching to girls. That one back at the inn seems nice...

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