Wednesday, November 7, 2007

PoR: entry 13 (learneding!)

I'm getting this feeling that everything involving the dead or undead or whatever is just going to fall into place one day.

We enjoyed a nice little jaunt back into the graveyard. It was a fun old time, what with two clerics and a mage with fireballs. Bones just go flyin' everywhere! After dispensing with one army, we ransacked the tower they were coming from and found a spectre creating skeletons. So, I guess these skeletons don't actually come from the remains of the living, but they come from a guy incredibly adept at not following the Law of Conservation of Mass. Not only that, but this ectoplasmic vapor does something else that I think should be against scientific law. He actually has a "lower player class" attack. That means that even if we're able to kill him, I'm still forced to restore because if he even touches us, we lose weeks' worth of XP.

We bypassed that guy. We settled on the southeast corner of the graveyard. It had a nice, friendly juju zombie instead -- relatively speaking.

So we didn't clear the graveyard, but after all this Pilgrim and Derfindor raised to level three fighters and Derfindor also classed up his thief status to level four.

Aching for some more quick experience, we decided to continue mapping out the pyramid. Every once in a while we met some driders that would kill us, but soldiered on. The thieves we met were pretty good fighers but they didn't have any holding spells like we did. Cake.

We mapped out the pyramid as much as possible. We may have missed something, but as far as I know it's all here:
After the pyramid adventure we found ourselves leveling up again. The ball's a rollin' now! Pilgrim became a level three magic user and Disposo a level four.

The leveling up of our magic-users finally enabled us to learn the "knock" spell. That, in turn, finally enabled us to enter the gates of the closed-up Phlan library. I never thought that I'd get to a place in my life where doing research would be a welcome change from killing mythical monsters in medieval combat.

At the library we found exactly what we expected to find, which was books and tomes about the history of Phlan. We did find some healing potions and stuff, but what we were really looking forward to finding were some magic-user scrolls so we could copy them and have the spells without spending weeks leveling up to get them.

Fascinating research in the form of journal entries though. Finally, a few mentions of the game's title character. Too bad I can't make heads or tail of what this is all talking about.

It's also good to know that the map I've been using in the Adventurer's Journal really is a part of the game and not just put in there to throw me off.Besides books and things to find, the library wasn't too exciting on the fighting front. One of the rooms had this weird, leggy lizard thing and a spectre attacked us on the way out. I don't know if we were just lucky or what, but this spectre didn't pose a problem nearly as bad as the skeleton-creator in the graveyard. We met up with a crazy guy. He muttered lots of stuff, but we couldn't make any sense of it. We were nice, though and didn't kill him.

Oh, yeah! And there were also some surrender-monkey kobolds who gave us what appears to be a map of useless information.

Going home after an intense collegiate cram session was pretty sweet. The clerk was like, "amused by our descriptions." Nice to see him/her crack a smile. The clerk's a she, right? Also humorous that she said one of our bits of research had "small value." She then dispensed a single gold coin for us to fight over.

The new commission we received sure is a weird one -- end the river's pollution. Hmm. I guess we're going to have to hit the books again and come up with some kind of desalinization contraption. Maybe we could kidnap some Peace Corps volunteers.

Pilgrim went up to level four. Watch that guy! He's goin' places!

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Kameron said...


The map from the kobolds in the library is of the Textile complex. The X's correspond with the hogboblin shrine, the ogre throne room, and the barracks (I think).