Friday, November 9, 2007

Por entry 15 (weighty matters)

Yeah, so the words "lux," "samosud" and "shestni" proved to be quite fruitful. Fortunately we live in the age of the internet. If I played the game ten years ago and didn't have the copy protection, it would be a lame time trying to "crack" the words we're supposed to say to the undead at Sokal Keep.

So it turns out that the undead of the keep are actually departed spirits of the honorable ones why tried to defend it from the bad guys! Saw it comin'. As part of this physical seance we were able to meet the fabled Ferran Martinez! I was hoping he'd be wearing a sombrero. The Pool of Radiance came into the conversation again and he name-dropped some villains associated with it -- Tyranthraxus, Edranka and Torath. As thanks for the conversation, Ferran seemed to give us the ok to graverob from his own body.

Back in town, they finally let us enter the Temple of Tyr. I thought for sure that we'd have to fight our way through that place. Bishop Braccio gave us an assignment to cleanse the temple on the north side of town. I think it's sort of like that part in the bible where the money-changers were selling animals or something in the temple and Jesus had to "clean house." This time, though, the animals in the temple are selling and/or killing the humans. Apparently they do so in the name of their god, Bane. Wasn't Bane that guy from the animated Batman who had the Mexican wrestler mask on? Anyway, Braccio went ahead and gave us Dirten, priest of Ilmar. Once again, who would name their kid Dirten? If he got the slightest speck on himself, everyone else would instantly think of his name and how appropriate it is. So Dirten is nice to have. He's like a missionary -- who kills! No, seriously though. It's always nice to have more cannon fodder.

So with the temple commission in mind we almost went straight there, but then realized that the graveyard was probably more pressing AND it's likely that Dirten would leave us after freeing the temple so we thought it would be useful to get rid of as many undead as possible with him as an extra cleric. Now that Sokal Keep is under control we have a much easier time getting to the graveyard. Instead of trudging our way through all the slums to merely exit the city and then come back in from the north, we can just take a boat out straight from the civilized area. Praise public transportation. This means that we easily can go to the graveyard, use all our energy on one fight, come back into town and then ship immediately out again after recharging.

Now the undead in the graveyard whine about being the "spirits who fought the dragons" and to leave them alone. Hey, not our problem. At the top of one tower was a pretty mean-looking wraith, but it was surprisingly easy to defeat. After the wraith, we continued our growing habit of defiling dead bodies.

Now, our biggest problem is weight. We're rollin' in the dough and have stone's worth of potions, scrolls and +weapons. Wonder if it's a good time to hire a Sherpa?

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Kameron said...

Yeah, if you're not up on FR lore, I can see how you might Tyr (the god of justice). In fact, I think I did the same thing (POR was my introduction to the Forgotten Realms, though I had played D&D before).