Sunday, October 28, 2007

PoR: entry 12 (computer glitches in medieval times)

Trying to tie (or maybe sever is a better word) loose ends, we delved back into the Old Rope Guild from the very beginning and eliminated some monsters there that beat us up something fierce at the beginning. Here's a nice little map of the guild. Yep, that's right. At the beginning when faced with this very same area, I sort of shrugged off the mapping, but It's like second nature now.

We gloriously leveled Silver up and managed to get her a fireball spell. At about the same time, we became concerned about carrying around all sorts of junk that we may or may not need. That's when we remembered that we still have Disposa just chillin' back at town hall. She briefly joined our party just long enough to saddle her with the junk. Turns out, she was carrying a couple of magic user scrolls! One of which was actually fireball! So, being the greedy person that I am, I restored a previous game so as to give Silver a different third level spell so she could have both. Strangely, the character of Disposa disappeared from the town hall along with the scrolls. Somehow, in the course of my loop-holing I either removed the character completely from the game or fell into the same glitch I dealt with before that deleted some characters. Hopefully, hopefully she didn't have an item that I absolutely need later.

After much swearing, I decided to continue the game.

Even though we lost several spells to this DOS-era silliness, our spirits rose with how unbelievably cool the fireball spell is. The spell should just be called "kill 15 guys." Silver the Enchantress used it to great acclaim in clearing the cathedral full of hobgoblins and orcs in Sokal Keep.

Unfortunately, the keep still isn't cleared. The ghosts keep talking to us, but we don't know what to tell them. We need to find the right word. According to the journal entry associated with theis portion of the game, Ferran Martinez is a prominent character in the keep's history. We thought that maybe name checking the Mexican would prove fruitful, but no. Should've seen that coming considering his name is spelled two different ways in the entry. Perhaps the graveyard will provide the information we need.

While looking around we found a hammer. The screen was like "do you want this?" and we were like "Heck, yeah! Free hammer!" Wonder what its deal is.

So I think it's back to the graveyard. It's also back to getting Silver's xp points up about 50,000 so she can learn all the spells we need "the old fashioned way."

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