Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CotAB: Entry 7 (Pilgrim's progress)

I traded my blogging spot with Silver this week. I told her my blogging hand was mildly cursed and I wasn't able to pass the proper initiative.

In truth I just knew that there would be less to write about this entry. I couldn't be bothered with all that crap that went down last time.

After spending some time in Essembra going over all our extra scrolls, we left town, not really knowing where to go next. While backtracking back to the Standing Stones we happened upon a cave. That's it. Just a freakin' cave.

Strangely we passed another group of adventurers on the way out. I really wanted to talk to them more. Who were they? Did they have cursed bonds to get rid of too? If so, are they one step ahead of us? Will they give us advice on our next quest?

Anyway, the cave. We went in. There were dark elves and even some black dragons in there. We killed them.

It was also a good time for those 10th level show-offs, Silver and Disposo to try their new "cloud kill" spell. As you can see, it did a fine job of knocking out Rex and Chlorine.

Here's a wonderful map. I thought I'd make it fun for all the colorblind people out there. The red dots represent fake doors while the green dots represent exits.

Pretty good map, eh? We got an impression from that other group that there were more than two levels, but we didn't find them. That first level was plenty big anyway.

That's it for now, except for something that troubles me so. Actually it's three things. I'm a cleric/fighter/magic-user and I'm very good at all three. So why come I got such variance in my levels? I'm a 5th level cleric, an 8th level fighter and a 6th level magic-user. Most people aren't renaissance men like I am, so you probably don't understand. It's a very strange feeling to have the three aspects of my manliness split in three unequal ways like that. I think it's starting to make me walk funny.

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