Wednesday, September 5, 2007

PoR: entry 6

Ding dong the crazy drooling Norris the Gray is dead!

Since my posts have been getting so long, I'm going to try to post more frequently, so that I have less to update each time. Hopefully it will help. Last night's action was extremely fruitful though, so today's entry may not be as short as future posts. I'll be straight with you however... in the beginning the blog was the fun part. Now the game is the fun part.

Oh, and I'm also smallifying the images this time around. You may not be able to read them as well, but they screw with the text when they're that big and close together. Keep in mind that you can still click on the images and they should be brought up to full size.

Anyway, as mentioned, Norris the Gray is dead! He's that weirdo who lives under a well with a bunch of kobolds and lizard men and is wide-eyed and drooling in his picture (see entry 4 for his image). His defeat was all made possible by Chlorine's amazing "hold person" spell. It's pretty much a concentrated sleep spell. At one point everybody in Norris's gang was either asleep or in a magical hold, so we pretty much capped 'em all off execution style!

I sure hope I'm fighting for the right side.

The most significant thing about this sewer victory was the awarding of a journal entry! Just last entry I was wondering if they'll ever come into play, and just a few hours later I gleefully opened up The Adventurer's Journal to entry 50 (it was pretty dull, actually).

So, like, yeah, that's not all! I also went off to Podal Plaza and easily found the auctioning of the forbidden weapon mentioned in the last entry. I broke up the auction and had to fight... seven orcs. Yeah, I'm glad they didn't throw anything hard, but c'mon! If the weapon is really all that powerful, you'd think more than seven wussy orcs would be hanging around. I mean the next bid was to be 5000 gold pieces for cryin' out loud! After I dealt with the orcs I didn't collect anything close to that amount. Were these orcs just delinquents bidding for fun? It's a good thing I killed them, because if they had the winning bid, they wouldn't have been able to pay.

I need to get back there though. Somehow I need to save up my money and see if I can buy the weapon. I may have to forgo a few level ups. The weapon better compensate for that.

For now I've decided against cleaning up Sokol Keep. I built another cleric to help out and everything, but after one more sojourn there I figured that that's not where I'm supposed to be. I noticed that I can parlay with the undead there and the game actually allows me to speak a word to them. I have no idea what to say and I imagine I can avoid fighting altogether once I know what to talk about.

My next commission doesn't involve the town clerk. The clerk directed me to apparently an even higher-up bureaucrat by the name of Councilman Cadorna. He looks real smooth. I think he's got something up his sleeve. I think he's evil. The textile complex I think is overrun by some pretty vicious monsters -- scorpions and the like. I might want to avoid that place.

That leaves the dragon's quest mentioned in the last entry. I'm guessing that Diogenes is good, so I'll trust him for now. Dragons tend to be symbolic of that which must be overcome, but at the same time, most talking dragons are usually good. Examples include the dragon in Dragonheart, and the one in The NeverEnding Story.

Incidentally, has anybody actually read the book, The Neverending Story? Obsidian, from Commissioned Comic and Extralife Radio once claimed it to be just about the best book he has ever read. Could it be true? I do know the guy really LIVES his AD&D and as far as I know, he's the only person I've ever known to actually read the book.

Anyway, there's also Smaug from The Hobbit. J.R.R. Tolkien literally wrote the book on this stuff. That thing was a baddie. Maybe I will eventually eliminate Diogenes.

So yeah, in all the excitement, Disposo and Disposa both achieved enough XP to level up. Perhaps the names I gave them encouraged them to work extra hard. Now we might be committed despite their designations. I only upgraded Disposo just to be safe (and I'm poor).

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Kameron said...


The auction is really just a reconnaissance mission. You can't win the item, or catch up with the winning party once it's over. Best not to blow your cover and just report back what you saw.