Monday, September 29, 2008

CotAB: Entry 16 (knackered knickers)

Before I begin recounting our journeys of late, let me just say that I think we're due for a HUGE vacation! I'm like, wicked frazzled. Not sure about my companions, but I need a treatment. So, in perhaps a rash distracting move, I decided to do a little research on where we should go on vacation rather than look over our journeynotes.

Here's something interesting! According to Google Analytics, we're HUGE in France! Well actually, we had someone visit our blog from Puyricard. I imagine that's the town where Jean-Luc Picard was born. Now that we have a connection there, maybe we can crash. I'd love to see the Picard Monument. Just throwin' that out there...

We also got a few mighty hits in Hoorn, Netherlands... or is it Hoorn, The Netherlands? Maybe it's just Netherland since we're talking about only one town here. I just have to ask, is Hoorn closer to the Native American village or to where Captain Hook usually docks? I've always wanted to ask someone from Nether Netherland.

Ahhh, scenic Finland! I'm so happy that we have support in Finland, 'cuz I'd love to hang out there for a day or a month or however long Finland would have us on its couch. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a decent karjalanpiirakka in the Dalelands? Also, I'm ashamed to admit this, but I've never seen Hanoi Rocks live. I know, I know. As an excuse I must admit that I'm in the anachronistic profession of medieval adventuring. It's actually kind of weird, what with all the dragons I fight and oldschool scrolls I read and all the mead I drink, that I've never actually been to Europe. Let us stay with you in Finland, though! Once we've recharged we'll totally lick these cursed bonds! We'll give 'em Helsinki!

Anyway, on to our most recent adventures:

Ugh! Gross.

What in the world is a "psuedopod?" Is it, like, a pod made out of fine leather?


All I remember at this point is that Rex and Pilgrim both looked at each other and were mad at first and totally started shaking, but then they were both crying by the time Alias was ten feet away.

Okay... to sum up... what the heck all just happened up in there?

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Jason L said...

Haven't seen any updates in a while. Keep going, guys! Everyone gets bogged down in COTAB!

Dragonbait said...

Hi, I just found this blog today and just have to say that this is excellent! A whole blog dedicated to my favorite rpg series! Pool, Curse, Secret & Darkness! Can't get any better than this. Waiting in anticipation for the next CotAB post.